3707 Scott Futrell Road, Charlotte North Carolina 28208

Our staff repairs 1000's of Playstation 4, Playstation 3, Xbox One, Xbox 360, Wii & Wii U consoles and
controllers a year from everywhere in the United States. From Blu-ray & DVD Divers to HDMI
Replacement. To  the "Red Ring  or the "Yellow Light of Death". All are a common repair for us and are
done daily. We only use state of the art, cutting edge equipment as seen in our videos. Not a heatgun
from Lowes.

We have been keeping your electronics repaired and maintained for years in the greater Charlotte area.
Why trust your game console to a company that repair Cell Phones? Companies that specializes in hand
helds may not have a clue to what a BGA Chip on a motherboard even looks like.

REAPERS is the east coast number one repair center for game consoles. We don't do Cell Phones, but
we do just about everything eles. Over the years we have repaired all kinds of electronics from a USB
flash drives to mother boards for Nascar shop computers. We expanded our business in order to
accommodate most types of electronic repairs. We have staffed our shop with unique technicians that
specialize in almost every electronic repair and most of those repairs are completed within 24 hours.

This site will help explain the reasons why Game Consoles, Computers, Mobile Devices, and TVs fail and
what procedures we used to conduct our repairs.

At REAPERS we believe that transparency to our
customers along with great prices and a friendly atmosphere is our number one priority. At Reapers we
have an "open shop" policy. Meaning that unlike other repair shops where you are completely separated
with a wall that keeps you from the staff and they're procedures, at Reapers you get to see us in action.

We welcome it!

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