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The red ring of death error is the most common error seen on an Xbox 360. When the console is powered on, the video fails to come up and you will see either one, two, or three red lights flashing around the power button, instead of the usual solid green lights. You may also see an error of e74 on the screen if you do get video. This error can mean many different things. In short, it means it is broken. There are many opposing opinions to be found on the internet about why and how this error may happen. Therefore it is probably best not to self diagnose your console. The staff at Reapers have repaired thousands of red ring errors and are more than happy to explain our diagnosis and how we conduct the repair.

Xbox 360 consoles tend to overheat. Its a fact. This causes fan noise that can be louder than the media your playing. In most cases this could have been prevented by simply having it fully cleaned on a yearly basis. Also by keeping your console off of the ground and out of entertainment systems. The console should be able to "breathe" freely from all sides to ensure proper cooling. Full cleaning inside and out:

If you insert a disk and the console still tells you to open the tray, you may have a bad DVD drive laser. Also if your games seem to skip and/or take an unusually long time to load, you may have a bad laser. This is the second most common problem with the Xbox 360. Like all other electronic devices, the laser has a predetermined number of hours it can function before burning out. See video for demonstration of a weak laser versus a new laser.

1 Year warranty with laser manufacturer
and 90 day warranty on labor

When the eject button is pressed, the disc does not eject. This is actually quite a common problem with the Xbox 360 also and is caused by one or two simple problems. In most cases the tray will not eject because the motor that pulls two strong magnets apart when ejecting is no longer strong enough to get the job done. Therefore the tray is stuck.

One temporary solution to this problem is to force the magnets holding your disk away from each other with physical force. One generous tap on the top of the console just above where you may imagine the middle of the disc to be usually opens the drive. .

Another solution is to just simply keep a disk inside the console at all times. Some of these methods may not work for you but are at least worth trying first.

When the power button is pressed, the console does not turn on at all. No fans, no lights, no sound, and no video. This is either caused by a short circuit on the motherboard or the power brick supplied with your console has gone bad. The power brick is the grey box shaped like a brick that plugs into the wall and then into the console to supply power. If the light on the power brick stays red even after pressing the power button on the console, you may need a new one. In which we do sell here at Reapers. If you do not see this error or you are unsure, please do not hesitate to bring it to our knowledgeable staff here at Reapers to come up with a diagnosis.

Buying a new console and want to transfer your save game data from one hard drive to the other? Reapers provides this service for:

Do you want the extra edge against the fierce competition online? Ever wanted to turn a sniper rifle, pistol or shotgun into a fully automatic weapon? Reapers provides the latest top quality controller mods including: jitter, drop-shot, rapid fire and auto aim. These controller mods will quickly help the more serious gamer get to the top of those sought after leaderboards. The controller function mods range from:

$60 - $95
not including controller

Do you want your controller to stand out with custom dipped shells, different colored LED lights and/or different colored buttons?

$20 - $80
not including controller

Console Mod’s

Want an impressive looking case with extra fans, LED lights and possibly a window on the side to see your Xbox guts? Its a great way to impress not only your friends but yourself. Due to these asthetic mods having such a variable price range, it is best to come into the store for a consultation on exactly how far you would like to go with the physical modification of your Xbox. Please do not inquire about firmware flashing or any other illegal services. Reapers does not affiliate itself whatsoever with these types of modifications.

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