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Not Reading Disks
If you insert a disk and the console does not recognize it, you may have a bad DVD drive laser. Also if your games seem to skip and/or take an unusually long time to load, you may have a bad laser. This is the  most common problem with the Wii. Like all other electronic devices, the laser has a predetermined number of hours it can function before burning out. Much like a light bulb. Other causes can be and are not limited to the Spindle motor, Worm dive and the Drive Board. If your Wii is older than 2 years, it may be the laser.
1 Year warranty with laser manufacturer
and 90 day warranty on labor
Disk Stuck - Wont Eject
When the eject button is pressed, the disc does not eject. You may hear clicking noises coming form the console. In most cases the drive needs to be rebuilt.

and 90 day warranty on labor