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The yellow light of death error is the most common error seen on a Playstation 3. When the console is powered on, the video fails to come up and you will hear three fast beeps followed by a yellow light, instead of the usual green light. This means unfortunately your console is broken and needs repair. The staff at Reapers have repaired hundreds of YLOD errors and are more than happy to explain our diagnosis and how we conduct the repair. A full cleaning is an included service with this and all repairs made by Reapers. See video for more.
PS3 consoles tend to overheat. This causes fan noise that can be louder than the media your playing. Loud fans can also be an indicator of an oncoming YLOD error. In most cases this could have been prevented by simply having it fully cleaned on a yearly basis. Also by keeping your console off of the ground and out of entertainment systems. The console should be able to "breathe" freely from all sides to ensure proper cooling. Full cleaning inside and out:

If you insert a disk and the console does not recognize it, you may have a bad DVD drive laser. Also if your games seem to skip and/or take an unusually long time to load, you may have a bad laser. This is the second most common problem with the PS3. Like all other electronic devices, the laser has a predetermined number of hours it can function before burning out. See video for demonstration of a weak laser versus a new laser.

with 1 Year warranty with laser manufacturer
and 90 day warranty on labor

When the eject button is pressed, the disc does not eject. You may hear clicking noises coming form the console. In most cases the drive needs to be rebuilt.

When the eject button is pressed, the disc does not eject. You may hear clicking noises coming form the console. In most cases the drive needs to be rebuilt.
When the power button is pressed, the console does not turn on at all. No fans, no lights, no sound, and no video. This is usually caused by either a bad power supply or a bad switch. At Reapers we have power supplies in and switches is stock at all times. If you are unsure, please do not hesitate to bring it to out knowledgeable staff here at reapers to come up with a diagnosis.

Buying a new console and want to transfer your information from one console to the other?

Do you want the extra edge against the fierce competition online? Ever wanted to turn a sniper rifle, pistol or shotgun into a fully automatic weapon? Reapers provides top quality controller mods including: jitter, drop-shot, rapid fire and auto aim. These controller mods will quickly help the more serious gamer get to the top of those sought after leaderboards. The controller function mods range from:

$60 - $95
not including controller

Do you want your controller to stand out with custom dipped shells, different colored LED lights and/or different colored buttons?

$20 - $80
not including controller

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Yellow Light Of Death   YLOD
Not Reading Blu-ray Games and/or other Discs
Disk Stuck - Wont Eject
Overheating - Loud Fans
No Power
Hard Drive Transfers
Disk Stuck - Wont Eject
Controller Mod’s
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