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When the power button on the computer is pressed, no video is displayed on the monitor. Or the video fails during use. The computer may or may not turn on itself, you see no picture. Sometimes the power lights on the computer stay on with still no video displaying on the monitor. This can be caused by a multitiude of problems such as:

• bga graphics chipset compromised
• ram has failed
• other motherboard circuit problems
• computer monitor has went out
• bad power supply

When the power button on the computer is pressed, no video is displayed on the monitor.   The computer will also show no lights turnig on, no fans spinning and no noise whatsoever. This can be caused by a few problems such a

• I/O port short circuit
• motherboard circuit problems
• bad power supply
• bad power switch
No Power
No Video
Is your computer making a louder than normal clicking sound when reading and writing files? Is the response time slower than when you first bought your computer? Does it take a long time to boot? Or are you simply getting an error about a bad hard drive or other problem when you turn your computer on? You may have a bad hard drive.

At Reapers we have a very knowledgeable staff in the IT department ready to conquer all of your hard drive problems.

• transfers
• reformat
• data recovery
• replacement
In todays world computer viruses are inevitable. It unfortunately happens to all of us. Fortunately there are solutions for these problems. Viruses not only slow down your computer but they can also expose your idenity to the wrong people. It is a very critical aspect in todays computing to have a clean computer with an up to date virus blocker installed on your system in order to prevent such things from happening. There are many misconceptions as to what is the best anti-virus softwares out there. At Reapers, there is no software/virus issue we cannot tackle and beat.
Maybe a program you use all the time stopped functioning the same, need a new piece of software, or you want a program installed or upgraded? At Reapers, we have technitions that know computer sofware like the back of their hands and are extremely up to date on all of the latest and greatest programs.

• installation
• updates
• troubleshooting

$55 per hour
Is your computer running a little slower than you would like? Do you really want to be able to play a video game or stream hi def video but your computer isnt fast enough? Most computers are not manufactured with the maximum capabilitys of the internal components that have a tremendous impact on the machines speed and responsiveness. At Reapers we know exactly how much more "juice" you can squeeze out of your machine. We can install a wide list of components from extra ram, more hard drive space, to graphics gards enabling much better gameply and Hi Def movie viewing. Depending on the model this can be a drastic improvement compared to what you may have been working with before. Please bring the computer in personally for testing to insure how far we can go with your machines upgrades.
Are you somebody who wants to stand out, pay less and step into the latest inovations in technology? Do you want an amazing gaming computer capable of practically launching you to the moon? The large increase in big computer manufacturers over the last few years have put a damper on the custom computer scene. Although it is still more popular than some may think. Custom built computers are far superior for one very good reason. The bang for buck. No where else will you find a pre-built manufactured computer with the same specs as a custom built computer for even near the same price. For even more appeal, everything down to the color, speed, usb ports, intentions, ect. is molded around the customers needs. You could not own a more "personal" computer. In fact, there is not a single desktop computer in the Reapers facility that is not a custom build!

• come for a counciltation with the lead builer at Reapers
• all custom builds are meticulously tested
• all custom builds provide a one year warranty on all parts
Are you having network problems at home or office? Problems like slow internet speeds, inability to access other networked computers and/or printers? We have just the right people to come on site and get you back up and running. Call Reapers to set up an appointment.

• network troubleshooting
• network installation
• remote desktop support
$35 - $99
Virus Removal
Hard Drive Repair
$35 - $199
$35 - $150
Software Installation, Maintenance & Troubleshooting
Network set up, Management & Troubleshooting
$55 per hour
Custom Built Desktop Computers
Hardware Performance Upgrades
• removal of virus
• registry fix
• scans for more errors
• defragmentation and maitenance included
Laptop Cracked Screen
$99 - $189
Dropped your laptop or has the screen simply stopped working! Our technicians are experienced in replacing broken laptop screens. We are here to help get your computer repaired quickly and for much less then big box computer service centers!
Damaged LCD screens are one of the more common parts that need to be replaced on laptops. If you experience a darker screen than usual, lines in the resolution, or turn your laptop on but cannot see any picture on the screen, or drop the laptop, it is most likely that you need to either replace a part associated with the LCD Screen or the entire LCD screen itself.